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In this 4th part of "Why website owners should know about web hosting" , we will focus more on the Quick Apps that users can install from within the web hosting interface.These days websites are need to setup quickly and of high quality with lots of features that show they from the modern era. Website owners pays 1000s of Dollars to even get simple websites get running. If your website if relatively small and don't have to have lot of customization , why not you should use open course apps that can be setup much quicker and in much less cost and if web hosting is giving quick install option for such apps that is a real catch.unlimited web hosting

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In this 3rd part of "Why website owners should know about web hosting" , we will focus more on the email features that website owners don't get benefit of. Webmail access , this is a topic which most of website owners don't want to bother themselves with , why ? Because they are use to using the generic free gmail services and just don't bother with managing another webmail site. 

The webmail services provided by the web hosting providers are mostly compatible with the general free email clients people already using , but they are unaware. For example I am using the emails of the website through gmail , I can send , receive emails w... Read more »

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In this 2nd part of "Why website owners should know about web hosting" , we will focus on the email advantages that website owners are not aware of when they are unaware of the web hosting on which their website is being hosted at. Usually It has been seem that business owners or lets say website owners send out emails from free email services like yahoo , gmail , hotmail.... , when the users or lets say customers get emails from such people and offering services and delivering any important message they simply sometimes go into spam or junk folders of the users email accounts. Even if these emails pass the junk or spam folders users just see and ignore the emails and simply sent them to trash and all the hard work is gone in vain.... Read more »

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In this 1st part of "Why website owners should know about web hosting" , we will focus on lack of speed faced by users of the website when web hosting server is not up to mark. Web Hosting has been a more or less a technical term for website owners since many years , its thought to be a part of the job of web hosting providers or the web designers and developers. In Both the ways either web hosting providers or web designers and developers , Web site owners are kept unaware of web hosting features , price and quality of the web hosting.unlimited web hosting

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Unlimited web hosting sounds like unlimited hard disk space , unlimited bandwidth , unlimited FTP accounts , unlimited databases and unlimited emails addresses. Though upto some extent it is true and not all things are unlimited as stated in last sentence. Its all taken from the real world that some restaurants offer buffet eat much as you can in 1 meal time”. Its obvious generally 1 human being cannot eat more than twice his/her needs , so is the case with websites.unlimited web hosting

True power of unlimited web hosting comes with more than 1 domain name can be hosting on 1 unlimited web hosting account. Thats the main difference in that normal hosting and unlimited web hosting. But still there is limit to number of domains names to be hosted on “unlimited web hosting” by every web hosting company all over the World. Like 5-10 domains is fair number with unlimited web hosting package that has fair disk usage ... Read more »

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Before choosing a web host you should fully understand what is a web host. When you have a product that you want to sell then one of the simplest methods of promotion is the internet. The Internet can be a very good advertising place to your product and you will be able to attract customers who normally could not contact you.
unlimited web hosting
Very often it can happen that you'll need even more web sites that will promote your business and for this you may need an unlimited web hosting plan so you can host more domains.
One advantage is that you will not have to create a new account every time you want to launch a new website and everything you need to do will be to add the new domain to your existing account.
Also, very often with the purchase of a unlimited web host plan you'll benefit by certain cost reductions, even if the cost of an unlimited web host plan is already pretty low.
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Yes , Now Phone Tracker is packed with features never thought of before.

Note : These services can work on your or any of other phone with your Child ID installed in
phone tracker

app at that phone.

Following features have been given to all our valued users.

1-Have a copy of Phone book on your Phone-Tracker account.
2-Have a copy of Email Address book on you Phone-Tracker account.
3-Call Log for more up-to a year
4-SMS Log for more up-to year
5-Web Browsing History more up-to a year
6-Copy of all the Image , Audio and Video Files.
7- Safety Maps (Fire,Earthquake,Weather hazards,and help) that keep you and your loved ones out of danger.

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